Skin Care

BIO OIL is my “must have” For All Seasons

Maybe some of you were Bio-Oil user or never  tried it yet. I am using Bio-Oil for over a year already and emptied up almost three 60 ml bottles.  During winter, my skin is harsh, dry and flaky especially on my legs and it makes me feel itchy. To keep my skin hydrated and moisturize, I add few drops to my lotion.

My “must have” for all seasons.

Spring finally here then summer later, my skin will eventually have uneven skin tone. Bio-Oil is specialist skin care for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin. I got dark spots because break outs and white bumps scar. It contains the breakthrough ingredient like PurCellin Oil.

PurCellin Oil – is made from more than one ingredient, and is used primarily to reduce stretch marks, uneven skin tones and scars.

My “must have” for all seasons.


Face- one of my skin care essentials in the morning and night. After toning my face, I put three to four drops of Bio-Oil and spread upward evenly before applying moisturizer.

Lip Scrub- Once a week I have to exfoliate my lips. In a tsp of brown sugar and honey, I mix two drops of Bio-Oil and gently exfoliate my lips

Body – I mix in the lotion and rub all over my body especially on my legs.

Note: We have different type of skin, the product that I mentioned works for me and might not work for you.

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