A couple of weeks ago I had my acne problem and it bothers me a lot. So I decided to make my DIY Turmeric/Brightening Face Mask Would you believed that in one week my acne problem has gone? Yes, you read it right. So here’s my blog about how I rid off my acne in one week.

First, I wash my face with warm water and cleanse using AVON clearskin blemish clearing foaming cleanser. It has acne treatment gel with 2.0% salicylic acid. Using my finger tips, I massaged in a circular motion for about two minutes until the product penetrates my skin.

Second, I rinsed off with cold water and pat dry with clean face towel. Then apply my DIY Face Mask  and spread evenly onto my face, leave the mask on for about 15 minutes.

**shy tips: use your old make up brush as applicator **

Third, I rinsed off with cold water and soap my face using Avocado/Jojoba Oil from Natural Wonders Inc. a personalized beauty and fragrance, then rinsed off with cold water again.

Fourth, I apply two drops Professional Vitamin C Serum. This serum has 20% vitamin C, made with certified organic ingredients. It contains 11% hydraulic acid and reduce sign of aging on face and neck. I purchased this product through AMAZON.

When the serum penetrated  my skin, I apply NEUTROGENA Rapid Clear Spot Gel into affected area. It repeats the same process until acne problem has gone.

If you suffer acne, it will leave a dark spots and blemishes so I apply another AVON clearskin blemish clearing overnight treatment to lighten the dark spot.

**DISCLAIMER** the products mentioned are not SPONSORED. I used my own money to buy and since these products works for me and gave the best result, I shared my experience to help someone who suffered and tired of acne.

NOTE: Do not go to bed with a dirty face or make up on. It’s a big big NO…No..

I wish it will help!