60-Second Wish for Mother’s Day

Every year on second sunday of May, it’s always trending or flooding on social media a mother’s day greetings, photos with lovely mother, presents, boquet of flowers or a single flower, even a fancy or simple celebration. And on every mother’s day occasion, no one of you have noticed that I have this feeling of huge jelous. A feeling that always made me cry in silence. That everytime I see those photos with their moms or a sweet and thankful messages to their moms, there is one person who wished to be like them. There is one person who wished to be with their mom even in 60-second only. Because that wish for 60-second will matter a lot. No words but a tight and warmest hug. A hug to express howΒ she is loved and missed by the three girls.

Just this morning again, I’m kind of crazy woman. Murmuring and secretly talking alone while my eyes started to cry. I gave my message to my lost mother. I know that she hears me. I know all these years she’s always with us, guiding and watching over us. She’s our guardian angel throughout our journey in life. She loves us so dearly, we know that. The words that she left to our grandmother (who is now in heaven too) while chasing the last breath was “please take care and look after my children”. A mother’s love and care to her children will never be gone even she’s not in the world anymore. I know and believe that in our next meeting Mama can still recognize us.

To our Mama in heaven, thank you because you let us see the world. We missed you and loved you so much. How I wish you are with us. I love you Mama, happy mother’s day in heaven. You and lola are our angel who continously watching over us.

Mama, my wish is a 60-second only to feel your warm hugs. Maybe your wondering why it’s only a 60-second, because it’s so seldom for you to appear in our dreams Mama.