Cooked chocolate rice porridge or in Philippines we call it “champorado” that uses glutinous rice and cocoa powder or “tablea” (blocks of cacao) as main ingredients. The best way to eat champorado with salted fish or dried salted fish which in “tagalog” Philippine’s language we call it “tuyo”.Β 

In Philippines, my “lola” (grandma) with my aunts used to have “bilo-bilo” on the table and we’ll eat together after 3:00 in the afternoon on Good Friday. I decided to make this one as my alternative option to “bilo-bilo”.Β 

If you have lived or grew up in Philippines, “champorado” commonly served for breakfast and poured with evaporated milk to have more creamier and yummier flavour.

Refer below the recipe and ingredients.

You will need;

1 1/4 cup of glutinous rice, washed

1 cup brown sugar (according to your taste)

2 blocks of tablea

1/3 cup cocoa powder

Evaporated milk

6 cups water
In a large pot, put water and bring to boil. Add glutinous rice, when its boiling stir and cook in a medium heat. Stir occasionally then add in tablea, cocoa powder and sugar, you can add more sugar according to your taste Β (please see the note below). When it’s cooked and ready, serve in a bowl and add evaporated milk to add more creamy and yummy flavour.


  1. dilute the tablea and cocoa powder in hot water before pouring into the porridge.
  2. It’s best eat with “tuyo” or dried salted fish.